I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Zambia.  An important part of the preparation is getting all of the recommended immunizations.  So far, I have received a booster for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio.  I still need vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever.  Unfortunately, my General Physician’s office has run out of Hep A and Typhoid due to “a problem with the manufacturer.” I hope that they will have them by next week, as it takes about a week to book an appointment with the GP and I need to have taken my vaccinations at least ten days before I travel.  I may have to get them privately, which would cost about 40 GPB a pop. The incident reflexively made me think of Soviet-era shortages under a centrally planned economy.  Perhaps, I’ve been brainwashed by mainstream American society’s denunciation of socialized medicine, but perhaps there are a few merits to it.

Aside from vaccinations, I am quite worried about malaria.  I am also worried about how taking antimalarials daily will affect my body chemistry.

[Update] Finally done with my vaccines! I got lucky during my second visit. They had all of the vaccines that I needed, including the last of their Hep A! The yellow fever shot stung a little. But, I got a cool yellow booklet that certifies that I’m vaccinated against yellow fever for life, pretty cool.  Since there have multiple yellow fever outbreaks in neighboring Angola in the past several months, my nurse advised me to get vaccinated for yellow fever. Anyway, I found her to be much more helpful than the GP that I first visited to consult on the types of travel vaccines I may need.


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