Some of my supplies

Starting to pack for the big trip. These are some supplies that I have gathered based on suggested packing lists by travelers to sub-Saharan Africa and some cold meds and lozenges, just in case. Also, a tiny tin case of good old tiger balm. I eschewed some recommendations such as duct tape and crazy glue. Personally, I can’t imagine having great need for them. Another item often recommended is a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, my luggage space is very limited and probably I would not be tenting in Zambia.

I chose to get a pop-up mosquito net in case there is not a hook in place for hanging nets. This is mostly a precautionary item.  Most places that I will be staying as an expat in and around Lusaka will most likely be already equipped with mosquito nets, such as travelers’ hostels.

I also bought a malaria test kit from Amazon.  Though judging from the nearly toy-like quality of the components and contradictory instructions, I’m not sure that I will be making use of it. Malaria test kits are commonly available in Africa, from what I’ve heard.  I will most likely purchase a more solid looking set when I arrive.

I’m a little concerned about the DEET insect repellent. Apparently, it’s recommended for tropical places such as Zambia, but the fact that it melts plastic is not comforting. My concerned friend suggests that I purchase a milder one for daily use.

What I’m most excited about in terms of these “supplies” is to be able to know what I actually need and could do without for the next time that I pack.



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