Day 2

Today is Lungu’s inauguration day. It does seem like he has quite a few supporters, or at least very loud ones. There were many trucks and vans that paraded the streets all morning and afternoon with supporters decked out in Lungu swag and cheering loudly. Many in the street were also adorned in Lungu swag.  Police sirens were also everywhere. It seems like these were car parties escorting dignified guests to the inauguration. Police here with their wood-framed rifles look pretty intimidating. Anyway, I’m glad it seems to have been peaceful.

I also finally took some photos today!

The streets here vary in cleanliness. It seems like some areas are simply dumping grounds. A lot of plastic! Zambians are really generous about using plastic bags at the supermarkets. I’ve accumulated over five bags in day. Coming from the 5p bag charge life in London and previously 5c bag charge life in Washington, DC, this is quite a change. I wonder if they recycle at all here. I’ve seen some crates of empty beer bottles, so that’s probably recycled or reused somehow.

Trash piled up in Lusaka


Below is the nicest “sidewalk” I’ve seen so far. Also, the drainage here is even built over, as opposed to being just dirt and haphazardly shaped like most of “sidewalks” that I’ve walked on. I find it hard to breathe here. I believe the air pollution comes from a combination of the exhaust from cars (we walk right next to cars driving past), the dirt paths that are very sandy and dusty, and the smoke from burning charcoal as fuel for cooking. My Chinese friend suggested that I wear a mask. It may not be a bad idea. I wonder how locals here would view that.  In addition, the sizable drainage systems by the side of the roads makes me wonder about life during the wet season. It’ll surely be challenging to walk on the dirt paths.

Lagos Road, Lusaka

One of my favorite sitings–the purple flowering trees. They are prevalent in Lusaka and so very beautiful. I believe they are called jacaranda trees. I want to learn more about the flora here.

Main road after coming out of Lusaka backpackers

To conclude, I’ve a had a good second day. I’m getting more adjusted to the environment. I’ve explored more. Sometimes, I get a little annoyed by every taxi driver that I walk by asking me if I need a taxi.  And I’m generally very visible here, too visible probably. It’s nice that many wave at me and say hi to me, but sometimes it gets tiring for an introvert. Though I’d like to say the majority of the greetings are genuine friendliness, a few have also made me slightly uncomfortable. I look forward to settling in an actual place and exploring more. Importantly, I need to figure out a dietary lifestyle here. I seem to have lost my appetite and am completely lacking in vegetables and fruits.


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