Day 6

Today I mostly chilled at the backpackers, as I wait for my safari tomorrow. I’m excited for my first ever safari. I will be crossing over to Botswana and going to the Chobe National Park. Botswana is right across the border from Livingstone. Compared to Zambia, Botswana does a much better job of wildlife conservation; therefore, there should be more to see in the parks in Botswana. Poaching is big problem that is not as well enforced in the poorer Zambia.

Pictured above is a small gecko-like creature that I’ve seen around here. This one was crawling in the outdoors kitchen as I prepared my first meal here. I’m starting to understand and appreciate the backpacking lifestyle. While my cooking involved washing a head of lettuce and then steaming it, another fellow backpacker cooking in the kitchen prepared an extravagant meal of peri peri chicken and peas. I haven’t had much vegetables since I’ve been here and I had felt slightly unwell after having fried chicken and chips from a local fast food joint, called The Hungry Lion, last evening. Some steamed veggies was exactly what my body needed. I was planning to purchase some more nutritional vegetables, but produce at the supermarkets are rather expensive. I don’t feel comfortable enough yet to find out about prices and buy produce from street vendors. For example, a small head of broccoli at the Shoprite–a major supermarket chain in Zambia–was priced at around 20 kwacha or about $2. I settled for the green leaf lettuce, which looked freshest among the produce and was priced at about 8 kwacha. Other than that, I also bought a large bread roll and some individually wrapped cheese slices.

I think I’ve caught the backpacking/traveling bug. I think I want to travel through southern Africa, such as Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa, where I don’t seem to need a visa as a tourist. By bus, it is not too expensive to go from city to city. After I return to Lusaka, I plan to take the Intercape bus to Johannesburg as my first leg. Unfortunately, Botswana seems to be quite an expensive place to visit, with few, if any, cheap accommodation options. I’ll have to come back one day. On my next trip to Africa, I would like to do an overland trip with a 4×4.




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