Load Shedding

From previously four hours a day, in the past week or so, load shedding has been extended to eight hours a day! In southern Africa, load shedding is the terminology they use to describe power outages. These are are planned outages, however. Zambia runs on hydropower, predominantly. Since Zambia has not received good rains in the past couple of years, water supply in the dams are low and so, the government shuts off the power in the national grid during scheduled hours of the day to curb the amount of power used. Lately, however, the schedule seems to have run amuck, which is highly inconvenient. Eight hours during the day is also much too many hours of load shedding! Of course major businesses have their own powerful generators or inverters to maintain their power throughout business hours though.

Above you can see how I cook during load shedding–that is, over charcoal! It’s hard to control the temperature, which I cannot control at all. Otherwise, I rather enjoy cooking over charcoal, which can get really hot.



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