Elephant Orphanage

Just outside of Lusaka, there is an incredible elephant orphanage by Lilayi Road. These young elephants are rescued by the NGO who operates the orphanage. In many cases, the mothers of the babies were shot and killed by poachers. Approximately, 96 elephants are killed by poachers every day, in Africa. It is very sad to hear and alarming for our biodiversity. They hope that allowing people to come see these charming babies during their lunch time can help to bring awareness to the issue. The babies are fed jugs of milk formula every three hours. You can see them suckling on the milk when they are first brought out. One can tell that they are well taken care of and are enjoying their time here. The youngest one is about one year old and the oldest, about four.

When they are about four years old, the elephants are transferred from the orphanage to a facility in Kafue National Park where they are weaned from milk and slowly transitioned back into the wild! According to the NGO, their reintroduction program is highly successful. Most of the adults continue to visit the NGO facility area in Kafue after they become independent, as they view the area as their home base in some sense. There is an adult female who has come to treat the young ones there as her babies and is protective over them.



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