I returned home at the end of November. Home is not the same after such a life-changing journey. I appreciate the modern comforts of the First world, but moreso, I miss the raw humanity of Africa. I even miss the tightly packed kombis, or minibuses. I appreciated how a flowing cooperation among the driver, conductor, and passengers allowed this transportation option to operate seamlessly. I appreciate that people took a genuine interest in the me, the foreigner and opened up their hearts to me. I felt loved and was made at home.  I know I will be back.

As for the items that I needed and didn’t need in my pack? I didn’t really NEED most of these things as they could be bought in Africa.

Most helpful products in order of importance:

*sunscreen – wish I brought more. The kinds available at the Pick ‘N Pay in Lusaka didn’t seem robust enough for me.

*flashlight (or torch for the British English speakers)

*cold/flu medicine (a lot of fake meds in Africa)

*oral rehydration packs

*mosquito net (pretty much every place that I stayed at provided mosquito nets)

*hand sanitizer

*Doxycycline. There’s a debate about whether to take antimalarials. Most travelers that I met weren’t taking antimalarials. Therefore, that’s something that I’ll think about more on a next trip.


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