Africa 2.0 in the plans

Hello all! I am excited to share that I am planning my second trip to Africa in a couple months! Though a part of me wants to see another part of Africa, such as Western or Eastern Africa, I know that I definitely want to see some of my Zambian friends again, so I have decided to return to southern Africa. Of course, it is such a large area, that I by no means have covered much of it in my previous trip anyway. This time, I plan to spend more time in Zimbabwe and potentially visit Malawi. The issue with Malawi is that the single-entry visa is a whopping US$100! Previously, I hadn’t planned to visit Zimbabwe because of the potential political instability with Robert Mugabe hanging on to power at an endearing 93(?) years of age. I’m a afraid there could be an ugly power struggle when he bites the dust, which is an unpredictable moment. Alas, I have developed a curiosity for Zimbabwe and am very excited to spend at least a month traveling about the country, exploring the natural parks, colonial history, as well the UNESCO World Heritage site, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the trading kingdom of yesteryear that modern Zimbabwe is named after. By chance I met a couple friends during my travels in Zambia last year that have piqued my interest in this country that boasts a rich history and vibrant culture.

This time I also plan to rough it more, meaning I will be more of a conventional backpacker, bringing a tent, etc. I will follow up with a post of the supplies I plan to bring along soon.


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