Back in Africa

I’m back in Africa and it feels so surreal.

I flew into Joburg International yesterday and got picked up by Crucial, a taxi driver originally from Zimbabwe. He was chilled and happy to discuss southern African politics with me. Nothing is a more satisfying welcome than an engaging conversation with a cabbie when arriving at a new place.

It is now winter in Joburg and mornings and evenings prove to be slightly chilly.

With all the warnings of the dangers of Joburg from the whole spectrum of people, I felt unease walking around even in my quiet suburb. I thought to myself, am I ready to do this again? What gave me such courage to do it all in the first time? Aye, I wished I could travel to that me in September and hang onto her to for courage. Alas, after a good night of sleep and a nice walk on a sunny afternoon, taking in views of the Jozi skyline from Koopie East and enjoying South African wine at an Italian Trattoria, I again felt that warm happiness from deep within.

I am ready to embrace Africa again.


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